Ready for My First AirBnB Guests!

It’s been a challenge to try to move into new space, unpack, get an office and inventory set up and organized AND try to run a business during the busiest time of the year…Q4. But here I am in the middle of it all and ready for my very first AirBnB Guests. The house isn’t perfect but I feel like the guest space is and will be more than comfortable for them. I made a quick video to show you all where I’m at in this crazy adventure! I’m going to use this blog to post updates on how the whole AirBnB thing is working and I’m committed to doing more videos in the future. If you want to following along, be sure to subscribe to my blog here, via my blog Facebook page link or my You Tube.

This is my very first video that I did anything more than shooting it and uploading to You Tube. It will be interesting to see how (or if) my video recording and editing skills get any better. I shot this video using my iPhone 6. I used Open Shot, a free video editing software program to edit it by watching you tube tutorials. You can learn how to do just about anything these days with Google and You Tube! Yeah me and my old self!

Click here to watch the house tour video.

UPDATE 12-27-17: My listing went active about 7pm on 12/21. Less than one week later I’ve already got 34 nights booked…HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?

If you haven’t given the AirBnB experience a try, use this link to create an account and get a $40 credit to use on your first trip.

And if you want to start your own AirBnB, use this link to get started as a host.

And because I’ve had several requests for the link to my listing, click here to check out my listing and book your next trip to Phoenix with me!