The Importance of Networking


Steve Raiken, Raiken Profit, and I getting ready to thrift at a local Savers.

Steve Raiken, Raiken Profit, and I getting ready to thrift at a local Savers.

I spent the day visiting pawn shops and thrift stores with Steve Riaken. He’s from Connecticut and is in Phoenix for a few days while on a 90 day sourcing trip around the country. He left his home on December 1st and is a little more than halfway through his trip.

I had never met Steve in person before today. The only conversations we had were via Facebook posts or private messages. I don’t remember where I first learned of Steve, but it was probably 4-5 months ago. I started following him on Periscope and listening to him when he was sourcing. I was intrigued by his Pawn Shop hustle.  I joined his Facebook group on Cyber Monday and have followed his posts there. When I saw that he was going to be in my area I put it on my calendar. About three weeks before he was scheduled to arrive I reached out to him and asked about getting together when he was in town. A few conversations later, we had the logistics worked out.

NetworkingPeanuts PicWe met up at a Pawn shop around noon and made quick introductions. At that moment I realized my Facebook profile pic is a Snoopy Cartoon Character and immediately realized that I needed to change that ASAP!  If you’re going to network via Facebook, you need to have a real, current, picture of yourself so people know who you are.

Over the course of the day we probably hit 9-10 pawn shops and three thrift stores. He scored some great finds and I learned his pawn shop hustle. Before we knew it, it was time for us to leave and meet up with a group of his followers for dinner. It was something we sort of quickly threw together and we were pleased with the intimate setting we had with just eight of us. I met six new people who are doing the same thing I am and we were sharing stories, exchanging ideas and brainstorming! I was a fun filled evening sharing ideas with stranger friends.

Local Green Room Members meeting up in Phoenix.

Local Green Room Members meeting up in Phoenix.

If someone that is a big deal posts that they are going to be in Anytown, USA, instead of asking the same old question “When are you coming to Mytown, USA?” (posters get so tired of those comments), find a time when they are going to be in a state close to you. Get in your car and drive 6-8 hours, check out airfares, spend a few bucks on a hotel room, make it happen. The chance of some of these Big Deal people coming to Yourtown, USA are pretty slim. One of them and 50 different states and the reality is they are never going to be in your hometown, so make it happen and show up where they are going to be.

Networking quoteAs Steve and I were saying our good-byes in the parking lot we talked some more about the different aspects of our businesses. I told him of my plans to sell my personal belongings on eBay, downsize my life and my love for helping eBay newbies. I explained to him how I was documenting this life changing process via this blog and he immediately started feeding me ideas on how to promote my business, my brand, my name, etc. And he was excited and eager to help promote me!

Steve has a huge social media following. He lives on the other side of the country. He knows his stuff. He’s a big deal. And I got to spend an entire day hanging out with him because I reached out and made it happen.  And more importantly, I have a new, genuine friend.

The Reality of Slow Sales

Slow SalesI’ve noticed several Facebook group posts about how slow sales are; people wanting help and advice on what to do to get things moving, etc. People shared some great advice and I love it when action is taken on that advice and people report back with their stories. Most are positive, but I saw one where someone tried everything and still no sales. I had a few ‘good’ days last week and a few ‘ok’ days and was disappointed when I woke up this morning with no overnight sales. I decided to take a look back at my sales for the past week and see how things shook out. I sold 34 items over the past 7 days; an average of about 5/day. Not bad but not great either. Three of the past 7 days I only sold 2 items…but I don’t remember thinking ‘sales sucked today’. Two of those days I had ‘awesome’ sales and I was stoked to see the pile when I shipped. What really hit me was that 34 sales in one week is LESS THAN 1% of the number of items I have listed (currently hovering right around 3600). So when you are stuck in a rut and think sales are slow, step back and take a look at your sales from the last week or two and see how the number of items sold compare to the number of items listed and perhaps you’ll have a different perspective. Of course continuing to list and following eBay’s best practices and you increase your chances of sales that could be the best of the year!

Instead of worrying about how sales have slowed down, take the opportunity to do a few things to better your listings and be on track for when they pick back up.  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • List! List! List!
  • Catch up on your bookkeeping
  • Revamp your oldest listings
    • Make sure titles and descriptions are the best they can be
    • Revisit your keywords
    • Make sure you’ve got clear pictures and lots of them
    • Review your prices
    • Make sure you are offering returns
    • Make sure all your listings offer free shipping
    • Update your handling time to 1 day
    • Consider donating items that have been in your store over 18 months
  • Take Pictures of unlisted inventory
  • List! List! List!
  • Revamp your inventory system
  • Do a physical inventory of listed items
  • Order supplies
  • List! List! List!


Inventory Management

IMG_1323One of the things I struggled with as my eBay business grew from a hobby to a full blown business is tracking inventory. Up until about four years ago I had 500-600 items listed and it was fairly easy for me to track them in my head. I knew I kept all my red Kitchen items in the garage cabinet, my toys in another garage cabinet, American Girl items in the former game closet, etc.

The Red Kitchen Items in the Garage Cabinet

The Red Kitchen Items in the Garage Cabinet

As my business and listings grew I began to panic when I sold something that I couldn’t immediately visualize where it was stored. This became a much bigger problem when eBay created their seller defect program in August 2014. Try as I might, I sold items that I could not locate and because this was one of the factors tied into the Seller Defect System, I lost my Top Rated Seller (TRS) status for an entire year. That had to have been the most painful year of selling in my 18+ years on the platform.

One of my frustrations was that eBay did not give us the tools to help manage our inventory and therefore reduce the number of ‘out of stock’ items we sold. It was announced at the “We Are 20 – eBay Sellers Conference” in September 2015 that the defect program would be changed in February 2016 and the only two items that would get you a defect was “Out of Stock” and tracking information not uploaded.

The Storage Unit - Two rows deep on both sides

The Storage Unit – Two rows deep on both sides

I decided to set out and start a physical inventory of every active item listed in my eBay store….no easy task while working a full time job, continuing to list and shipping…never mind entering into the busiest quarter of the year, Q4.

Here it is four months later and I still have not completed my physical inventory, but I am about 2/3 of the way done. How to manage inventory is a question that comes up quite often in the Facebook groups I monitor. While I’m anxious and excited for an inventory management tool that eBay will roll out soon, I’m a bit nervous for the defects that I will receive if I sell an item I can’t locate, or as the buyer and eBay sees it as “Out of Stock”.

With the help of a work colleague I created an inventory database system for myself using FileMaker Pro. With it I can track my purchases when I bring them home, give them an inventory number, enter the title and any notes for the description, cost, date and place purchased, etc. When I pull the item to list, I simply enter the inventory number, transfer the pertinent information to the eBay listing, list the item and transfer the eBay Listing Number to my database.  This system is fabulous and works for me and I download sale and listing data from eBay monthly and reconcile.

I am passionate about inventory tracking and talked to anyone and EVERYONE at the Seller’s Conference to help them understand the importance of making something sellers can easily use. While in San Jose I did get to sit down with the Director of one of the teams and mapped out my ideas and how I was managing my inventory. I was VERY PASSIONATE about it. 🙂 One thing that he said they could easily do and do fairly quickly is to change it so that when we are using sell similar the CUSTOM FIELD is visible and allows for us to make changes there. But I’m getting ahead of myself…I told you I was passionate about this!

For tracking my items I use the Custom Field found on your My eBay or Seller Hub page…you may have to customize your settings to see it, but you can put it there. I add my inventory location after I list an item….BB is Bankers Box and I have my shirts sorted by size, style, etc.

Inventory Tracking Pic

When I sell an item I look at this information and can easily go to the box, bin, shelf, cabinet, etc. where the item is located and pull it to ship. And I’m soo happy to report that if you are lucky enough to be using the New Seller Hub, the Custom Field is now visible when listing under a ‘sell similar’…Thank you Scot and team!

During the conference I learned there is an inventory component to the new Seller Hub rolling out at some point this year and I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to start using it. What I have seen of the new Seller’s Hub has me almost giddy with excitement and anticipation of the possibilities!

Custom Field

No matter what size seller you are, do yourself a favor and start an inventory tracking system from the get go. It will make your life so much easier as your build your business and have thousand of items to track.

What kind of tracking system do you use? How do you find your items when they sell? What tips do you have that would help others with their eBay businesses?  Comment below!

List It And Forget It – LiFi

I’m a big believer in the LiFi method of selling….List It and Forget It. I have 3600+ items in my store and no time to micro manage my them. So I list an item, put it in my inventory and then forget about it until it sells.

LiFi Dog LeashHere’s an item that was listed February 5, 2011….sold it November 25, 2015. My notes tell me it cost me $.50 at Target on clearance. So if you calculate my original cost, the listing fees of $.05/month my cost is $3.20. I’m not going to make a TON of $$ on this but I did make something. All my work is done by the time I list something (and my picture is AWFUL…picture, one picture, that’s how old this listing is!) I love it when my return is realized in 3-6 months, but even after 4.5 years, I can still make SOMETHING off this item.

What about the expense of relisting an item, month after month?

Red Solar Snowman Path LightsHere’s another listing where I calculated the monthly expense for a listing that was over 5 years old…FIVE YEARS!

I had 28 of these when I listed them on January 3, 2010 and 5 years, 8 months and 17 days later, on September 19, 2015, I finally sold the last one. Good bye to my little red solar path lights. I can’t say I was sad to be done with you!

I list all my items GTC (Good ’til Cancelled). That means that every 30 days eBay will automatically relist my item until it sells. I have an anchor store so after my first 2500 items it only costs me $.05 per listing per month or $.60/year. So the TOTAL listing cost for this 5 year listing was $3.45…Here’s a breakdown of the profits for a 5 year listing

Initial investment in 28 items at $2/ea = $56
Listing fees = $3.45
Selling and PP fees at 15% = $75.59
Shipping at $3.25 each = $91

Total income from sale at $17.99 each = $503.72
Less expenses related to sales = $226.04
Net Profit = $277.68 or $9.92 each

Not a bad profit on a $2 investment. When I bought these I LOVED them and thought they’d be a hit and I’d sell them all before the next season. When that didn’t happen I didn’t throw in the towel and dump them at GW, all my work was done and I just needed to let it ride to realize my profits.

These weren’t taking up space I needed for other things so there was no harm in me just letting them sit for that long. Quicker sale and profits realized is a better business plan, but if you hang in there you can still make some money.

LiFi works!

Tracking New Listings

In the Facebook groups I’m active in I talk a lot about raising prices to sell stuff. Another thing I do is to keep an eye on my newly listed items to track the number of watchers. If I see that an item gets a good amount of watchers in the first few days, I increase my price. If more watchers join the party, I might raise my price again.

100_8369Here’s a listing that I did just that. I picked up this blinged out Harley tank top at our local community garage sale for $1. I listed it for $24.99 on 8/10/2015. Within a week I had a handful of watchers so I increased the price to $29.99. At some point later I had more watchers so I increased the price to $34.99. It sold in September with 382 views and 12 watchers. I would have been happy with a $25 sale but am happier to have an additional $10 in my pocket for the same amount of work. Believe in the value of your items and remember that what you pay for something has no relevance to what it’s worth.

Harley Shirt Sale





Kazan BlouseHere’s another listing….I knew I had a great find when I saw this Laurence Kazar Beaded Christmas Blouse in a size 1X at a Phoenix Thrift Store for $7. I originally listed it at $99.99 on November 14, 2015. In a few days I had two watchers and I increased the price to $109.99. The next time I looked at it, maybe two weeks into the listing I noticed it at four watchers, so I increased the price to $119.99. When it hit five watchers a few days later I decided to increase the price to $129.99 and let it ride. I was a bit bummed when it didn’t sell before Christmas but that didn’t discourage me…I held on to my $129.99 price and waited for the right buyer.  I had faith in my item, faith in the price I had finally settled on and was just waiting for the right buyer to come along. My experience has shown me that most items will eventually sell and that reducing the price before it has been listed 90 days just means I’m leaving money on the table.

My instinct and experience paid off when this beaded blouse sold for $129.99 on January 6, 2016, about six weeks after being listed.

Christmas Beaded Blouse

Perceived Value is Real

DEFINITION of ‘Perceived Value‘ The worth that a product or service has in the mind of the consumer. The consumer’s perceived value of a good or service affects the price that he or she is willing to pay for it.

I don’t know how long ago I realized this or exactly when I started putting into practice in my eBay business, but I feel like I have had to really convince people it is a real thing. 

In my circle of eBay friends, my Meet-Up Group and the Facebook group The Thrifting Board I help run and admin, I teach about it all the time. When someone reaches out and asks for help with their listings one of the first things I usually have them do is increase their prices.  In one recent case I suggested the seller increase their prices by 90%!  The prices in this store were so low that I had to do the math and explain the time and effort this seller was putting into each listing was yielding him less than $2 to put in his pocket. Thrifters are so used to finding items for under $10 that I believe they don’t think others would pay $99.99 for a pair of jeans they picked up for $7.99. It is my observation that stay-at-home moms often under price their items as well since it’s hard for them to put a dollar amount on their time. 

If you’re going to sell online you need to understand your costs and value your time. Listing on eBay does take time if you do it right. You also need to be patient and wait for the right buyer to come along. Listing something for a week, relisting it once and then lowering the price is not the most effective way to be a good seller (in my humble opinion). I just tested out the reduced price theory by putting EVERY item in my store that was priced over $20 on sale for 10% off. I did this for four days to see if I could drum up some business. Of the nearly 2600 items I had on sale, I sold two. Just two items. This is often the case when I run a sale. If your business model is to list an item for a week or two then put it on sale, you believe that the only reason someone is buying your item is because of price. I’m here to tell you there are so many other factors….and believe it or not, some buyers may look at your reduced item and assume there is something wrong with it. These are the buyers I love!

I don’t have any scientific information or hard core data to back this, I just know it works for me and when I teach it to others it works for them too.

cabella CoatHere’s an example of one way I use perceived value to my benefit. I listed this coat on November 14th at $74.99. I don’t usually spend a ton of time researching but I did on this one. It’s pretty heavy and I wanted to see if I could learn anything about why it was so heavy. Was it a special type of hunting coat? Was it made for really cold climates? I didn’t know and I couldn’t find another one like it on eBay, Google, Cabela’s, etc. When I moved it to inventory storage I thought to myself, this is REALLY heavy. The next time I looked at my listing I saw it had one watcher and I thought, I need to increase the price, so I increased it to $99.99. Then I got two watchers and the next day or two I decided to go and review the prices of all my winter coats. I increased most of them….some by $10, several by $30. I pushed this one to $114.99 and it sold on November 20th, just one week after it was listed. It’s going to VA which makes me glad I didn’t sell it at my original $75 due to the extra shipping costs. Don’t be afraid to price your items for what they’re worth and if you’re not sure, price it higher than you think and let it stay for 30-90 days before thinking about reducing the price.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby Its cold outsideI’m not a thrifter. I don’t have the ‘thrill of the hunt’ instinct, I don’t experience thrifting withdrawals if I haven’t thrifted in a few days or even weeks, I simply don’t posses the thrifting traits that so many die hard, seasoned thrifters do.  But I love a good source for great inventory with very low cost, so I thrift when the whim hits me.

I don’t search the whole store over like most people. I browse the men’s section for t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts and jeans, I look for a few things here and there, books, VHS, etc. I never hit the woman’s section except for the jackets and coats. I love to thrift both men’s and women’s jackets and coats. Living in Arizona I can usually find some good ones during the summer months when those that moved from much colder climates are fooled into thinking it never gets cold in these parts.

I particularly like this flip because of the markup value. You can buy most average jackets or coats for anywhere from $7 to $25 and I rarely sell one for less than $50 and often in the $100+ range.  I’ve got one listed now at $249.99….it’s a pretty cool explorer looking, very warm, coat.

RI Thrifting TripWhile thrifting with a group on a conference trip to Rhode Island last March, I came across several coats and purchased as many as I thought I could get home in a 50 pound suitcase or dufflle bag. I had my pile of jackets in my cart and I was going through them, checking them over as I waited for the others to finish up and get checked out. One woman from our group had a gorgeous full length, brown hooded DKNY down coat in her arms that she was contemplating because of the $24.99 price tag. I tried to convince her that she could get 4-5 times that when she sold it, but she decided against it and offered it up to me. I was happy to take it off her hands.

DKNY CoatI got it listed on July 26th and it sold on November 11th for $174.99 plus $24.99 to ship to Canada….a nice little profit!

I try to get them listed as soon as I get home as I have found that they sell all year round. There is less competition in the off season months when many sellers think it’s not the right season to sell them. Here’s a tip, seasonal stuff sells all year round on eBay. Here’s another tip, make sure you are shipping internationally; remember when it’s summer here it’s winter in Australia.

Here are a few more coats and jackets sold this quarter.

LLB Suade Jacket 11-30-2015

L.L. Bean Women’s Brown Suede Leather Jacket Listed 11/14/15, Sold 11/30/15 $44.99

Mens Mackintosh Trench Coat 10-9-2015

Men’s Mackintosh Weatherfair Trench Coat Listed 11/29/14, Sold 10/9/15 $135.99


Moda Pink Coat 9-30-2015

Moda International Woman’s Pink Herringbone Wool Blend 3/4 Length Listed 11/26/15, Sold 9/30/15 $64.99

Olive Green Overcoat 10-18-2015

Mens Long Wool Olive Green Coat Made in Italy Size 52 Trench Listed 9/2/14, Sold 10/18/15 $140.99


Capella Jacket

Men’s Cabela’s Outdoor Gear Coat Gore-Tex Hood Listed 11/14/15, Sold 11/20/15 $114.99

Columbia Jkt Purple 12-14-15

Womens Columbia Sportswear Coat Jacket Purple Teal Listed 11/29/14, Sold 12/14/15, $74.99

Free Country Jacket 11-14-2015

Mens Free Country Jacket Mountain Extreme Size XXL Gray Coat Hood Listed 11/29/14, Sold 11/14/15, $54.99 plus $19.99 shipping to Canada


A Collezioni Men's Brown Suede Leather Coat Size XL Made in Italy NWT Listed 7/26/15, Sold 12/4/15 $139.99

A Collezioni Men’s Brown Suede Leather Coat Size XL Made in Italy NWT Listed 7/26/15, Sold 12/4/15 $139.99

Trash to Cash

reduce-reuse-recycleDid you know that some stuff you would normally throw away you can now post on eBay and make some money from? I didn’t either until one day it happened!

I think the fun part of selling on eBay for me is discovering what people are willing to pay to have something and the variety of the ‘somethings’ people want. About three years ago I discovered soda pop caps.

I’m a Mountain Dew addict. Fortunately the caffeine doesn’t affect me. I can’t tolerate the carbonation of most soda  so Mt. Dew with it’s minimal carbinaton has been my drink since high school. I  don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs…my vice is Mt. Dew. It is my drug and I rationalize and indulge myself.

102_0973When I was laid off of my job in 2012 and was home all day, I had my Mt. Dew. For whatever reason when I rinsed out the bottle and tossed it in the recycle bin, I tossed the cap in the silverware holder in the dish drain in my sink. I don’t know why I started doing this, but I did. When that filled up, I moved to a large glass bowl that sat on the desk counter in the kitchen. When that bowl filled up, I got the idea to look on eBay and see if there was a market for soda caps….and there was!

In an undisclosed amount of time I had a mountain of colorful caps; green, yellow, orange and white, determined by whatever contest was going on at that time. I sorted them and counted them and decided on two listings. The first listing was for 300+ that sold for $29.99, the second was 600+ that sold for $39.99 not too much later.  I was convinced this was the easiest $60 I made in a long time. Turns out crafters LOVE these and Pinterest and Esty are full of creative ways to use them.100_4993

I decided to reach out to friends and family and ask them to start saving caps from ANYTHING: milk jugs, spice jars, juice bottles, water, soda, etc. I decided to give anything that had a cap a try. I collected enough to fill my glass bowl and then I counted them and went about creating another listing. This time I had over 450 caps that I listed and sold for $39.99.

ribbonHere’s another recycle tip for you to keep in mind on Christmas Day. Anyone who uses the fancy schmancy ribbons to wrap their gifts, don’t throw them out. My sister turned me onto the fancy ribbon many years ago and we’d scour the after Christmas sales to get the good stuff at rock bottom clearance prices. She wrapped every gift under the tree like a Martha Stewart package and it looked beautiful. On Christmas day she meticulously saved that ribbon and reused it the next year. I’ve been cleaning out her Christmas stuff, listing it over the past few years and this summer I came across her box of ribbons. I thought about us shopping for that nicer, high end stuff and wanted to see if anyone would want ‘recycled ribbon’. I grabbed a box, filled it with a variety of ribbon and listed it on July 11 for $49.99. It sold on December 5th and the buyer has already left great feedback! Looks like I’ll be making another box of recycled ribbon. That’s just free money for very little work and effort.

There are other ‘trash’ items that easily sell on eBay or Etsy. Toilet paper rolls, wool sweaters with holes, Starbucks Frappuccino bottles, Altoids tins, baby food jars, wine corks, wine bottles, prescription bottles, empty brand name boxes, brand name paper shopping bags, various catalogs (too many to list here) etc. If you’ve got an item that you buy all the time and it comes in a nifty container, take a few seconds to do a search on eBay and see if there is any value in that trash, I’ll bet you’d be surprised and what you think is trash and others find are treasures.

The next time you are passing the time scrolling through Pinterest or Etsy, take note of the recycled items used in the cute crafts and start saving those that you use on a regular basis. A few extra bucks in your pocket for little or no effort, why not?

Update 4/10/2017

I had this box of 200 toilet paper rolls listed for a little over a year. I had them listed at $45, but I was running a 10% off sale. They sold today for $40.99. With shipping and fees, my net profit was $25. Not too bad for a box full of “trash”.

Wish Bigger

Wish BiggerI love eBay’s Wish Bigger holiday campaign. I love the way it looks and feels and the various angles it takes on the whole eBay experience. I love the red stick figure type snowflakes sprinkled through out and just the overall look and feel of it.

One of the areas eBay focused on for sellers was Holiday Selling Tips. They reached out to many sellers and asked for their tips on getting ready for and selling through the holiday season. The next thing I knew I was seeing these great tips highlighted in festive and campaign coordinated graphics.  It was fun to see my various contributions pop up here and there. They show up as T’sa C because at the time I was using my nickname on my Facebook account, but it’s me!

SellBigger1There are some great tips in this campaign! The first tip of mine I saw was to “Schedule daily USPS pick-ups now through then end of December.”

I have my USPS pick ups regularly scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week (adjusting for a Monday holiday) through the end of April. At this time of year I will often add additional pickups for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if needed. I’ll even make a late afternoon trip to the post office if I need to get my packages shipped one day earlier and a get quick delivery to the customer.

I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where I feel safe and secure leaving my packages out on the porch, so I do, but I know it is a risk, especially this time of year. I don’t think I could do this business if I had to make a trip to the post office each day. Well, I suppose I could do it, it would just mean cutting something else out. So when the days already seem too short, I’m appreciative of this service and my mail carrier. Her name is Amy and she is awesome!

Fun holiday gift for my mail carrier.

Fun holiday gift for my mail carrier.

She is my most valuable employee that isn’t even on my payroll! I treat Amy well and leave her gift cards to lunch places nearby at random time throughout the year. During the hot Arizona summers I freeze bottles of water and leave them for her when I go to work. They can get pretty melted by the time she gets to my house, but they are always ice cold and refreshing….and appreciated!  The only effort that is for me is to remember to put them in the mail bin. And what do I get in return for this very small act…anything Amy can do for me she does! She signs for my packages, she comes back for packages if I’m not done shipping for the day, she leaves me the nice, new, pretty mail bins….she just takes care of me!

What holiday selling tips do you have? Here’s some other suggestions from eBay’s campaign.


SellBigger4    SellBigger5














SellBigger7   SellBigger9

Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Black Friday through Cyber Monday, it’s been crazy busy!  For any online sellers this week is the busiest and craziest. I kept to my goal of not sourcing new stuff and didn’t participate in any Black Friday sales but it was fun to watch others who were out in full force! I’d say it was a successful sourcing Friday for many.

Even without heading out the door to brave the madness, I managed to have a GREAT weekend of eBay and Amazon sales. I got the first batch of orders shipped and out for the mail carrier just in time. The second batch got dropped off at the post office later that day. I rarely make a trip to the post office, but this time of year I like to get my packages out and to my customers quickly, so I dropped off the second batch of packages before the post office closed.

Black Friday Sales Part 1

Black Friday Sales Part 2


Black Friday Sales Part 1












I did do a little online shopping on Cyber Monday as I just couldn’t stay away from the American Girl sale. For the past 4-5 years I’ve stayed up late Sunday night and waited for 11pm when the sale goes live for my timezone. American Girl does this kind of sale once a year and it is usually full of frustration as the site can’t handle the traffic.

American Girl Inventory

American Girl Inventory

You can have items in your cart while shopping for more and when you go to check out, many of the items would show up as sold out. This year the site is much improved…yeah AG! It was able to handle whatever traffic was generated that night, but sadly the sales weren’t much of a sale this year. Last year I spent nearly $3,000 on Cyber Monday and this year it was all I could do to spend $80. I wasn’t excited about much and I can feel myself pulling away from American Girl. My nieces that introduced me to AG 8-10 years ago have out grown their interest in AG and as an extension, so have I.  I’m working now on selling off my AG inventory. Anyone interested in some overpriced doll clothes or accessories? Many of them are retired and HTF. 🙂



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