But Did You Check eBay?

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving all the eBay campaigns that have been going on for several months now. I think Fill Your Cart With Color¬†just might be my favorite. But I also love the But did you check on eBay ads too. If you’re an avid eBay seller like I am, you probably find yourself saying this to friends and family all the time! eBay is my got to place when I want to buy something.

If you haven’t seen any of these commercials, stop right now and check out one of my favorites!¬†But did you check eBay? RHONY

Because of that, I’ve decided to start posting the random things I bought on eBay each week or so. I’m not going to promise a weekly update on my shopping habits because I don’t shop THAT much, but I think it might be fun to post and track some of the stuff I buy and I might even include a story behind the WHY.

Looking at my purchase history today I discover that several items I purchased, I can write about yet. I searched high and low to put together a special gift for a dear friend. And since I’m still waiting for some of the items to arrive, that purchase will have to go in a later post, just in case she reads this.

So what did I buy on eBay this week? Scotty Peelers! I was trying to process some inventory that had a bunch of those annoying stickers on them and I needed to use my heat gun and metal Scotty Peeler to remove them. I must have three or four of them around here somewhere, but I searched high and low and couldn’t find them. When I tried to use a putty knife (cause that was right where it was supposed to be…who uses a putty knife enough to have it misplaced?) it was a PITA. I stopped what I was doing, did a search on eBay and found a set of FOUR metal peelers for a ridiculously low price! Here’s a link if you want in on the same killer deal…I mean now I’ve got three spares to lose!

Set of FOUR metal Scotty Peeler label removers

I also bought some shipping labels.I finally got my shipping minion set up with her own Zebra printer and I only had one roll of labels to send home with her. I’ve been buying my shipping labels from eBay Seller threerb for years. They have competitive prices, are quick to ship and know what eBay sellers need. If you’re in the market for some 4″x6″ shipping labels, here’s a quick link to their listing.

12 Rolls 4×6 Direct Thermal Labels