Promoted Listings Update

Promoted Listings Update

I know I’ve been talking a lot about promoted listings lately. With the video, the posts about what went into making the video, chats in various Facebook groups, etc. Well, promoted listings is on eBay’s mind too!

Last week I was interviewed by Shana Champion, who is part of eBay’s Creative Marketing Team and writes for the eBay for Business Blog. We talked about promoted listings for an upcoming blog post for eBay for Business and this interview gave me the opportunity to take another look at my promoted listing sales since I started my campaigns in June….I was happily surprised at the numbers I saw.


In about six months my promoted listings campaigns generated 83 sales for $1,945.07 and cost me $129.79 (7% of sales) in ad fees…or did it? No! Because eBay is so awesome they give sellers with anchor store subscriptions a $25 credit each quarter towards their promoted listings fees. I was able to use my credit for Q2, Q3 and Q4 making my actual out of pocket fees $54.79 or 3% of my sales!  I’ll happily spent $55 to generate $1,950 in sales every day.

Have you given eBay’s promoted listings service a try yet? If not, why not? Check out my blog post here for detailed instructions on how to get your first campaign going. Once you do, come back here and tell us how you did!

Audrey Tracy, me and Shana Champion at eBay Open, July 2016, Las Vegas, NV