It May Be Halloween…..

It May Be Halloween….. But Christmas Is Just Around the Corner

Are you ready?

I’ve been working at getting my personal Christmas items listed in hopes of getting them sold off this season. It’s a continuous process but I’m pleased with what I’ve been able to get listed and sold, so far.

I focused on the larger items, stuff that just takes up a lot of space. While getting these items photographed and listed, Megan and I also took the time to do a physical inventory of all my Christmas items….no small task! With my new eBay room I have about 20 shelving units that I’m using to storeĀ listed eBay items. I’ve labeled each unit A-Z and numbered the shelves. So while we counted the number of red bows I have, we also included an inventory location in the Custom Field on my listings, making it easier to find the item once it sells. So if I sell a train, I can look and see they are located on G4 and can easily find the item when it’s time to ship. I actually know where most of this stuff is located, but it will help if I need someone else to pick items to ship, then they will be directed to the right shelve.

I strongly encourage newbies to start out with an inventory location system. It is much easier than having to go back and create it after the fact.

Here’s the layout of my inventory storage room.