eBay Flips

This is not your typical post about buying stuff on eBay and turning around and flipping those items for a profit…except that’s exactly what I did…unintentionally.

In preparing for the eBay Open even in Vegas in July, I knew I would be attending a Tiki themed party where everyone was asked to dress in Hawaiian attire. I don’t own anything Hawaiian so I did a little eBay shopping. I knew I wanted something red…duh, and I liked the idea of wearing a dress. I wanted something different and I found this.


Not really my style but it was the right color and right price….$20 plus $2.60 for shipping.

When it arrived in the mail and I tried it on and I HATED IT! Like more than hated it. I felt like an old lady from a 1970’s sit come, aka Mrs. Roper.

The seller of this item didn’t allow returns so I was left with one option…I would just list it on eBay and sell it back to someone who would love and appreciate it…for a profit, of course.

I got busy getting ready to be gone for two weeks and didn’t actually get it listed until August 17. I decided that although this dress wasn’t right for me, it WAS pretty awesome and I priced it at $39.99 with free shipping.

Well this little beauty sold today for $39.99. eBay and PayPal fees calculated at 15% are $6, shipping is $2.60 and after my initial cost of $22.60, I netted a nice profit of $8.79. It was a little work, emphasis on LITTLE, but it was my only option since the buyer didn’t offer returns….that’s another subject for another day. If you’re selling clothes, OFFER 30 DAY RETURNS! This is 2016 people!