Understanding Performance Data

Are you using all the functions of you Seller Hub? Do you know what’s under the Performance Tab on your dashboard? Have you taken the time to understand the data eBay is providing you to help YOU run a better business? Yeah, me either. As I have talked to various eBay design teams over the past months I have asked questions about what this feature does or what the data from that report means and guess what!? I was poking around eBay’s You Tube Channel and found this 4 minute video that walks you through some of that data and reports available to YOU on YOUR account. I watched a section, paused the video, went to my page and clicked through and started playing with my data. Its pretty cool. You don’t have to be a numbers person to get it, but take a few minutes and watch the video, then start playing. I certainly don’t understand it all, but I do understand parts of it better than I did five minutes ago and if you want to run a business, you need to understand what this data is telling you.