Understanding Performance Data

Are you using all the functions of you Seller Hub? Do you know what’s under the Performance Tab on your dashboard? Have you taken the time to understand the data eBay is providing you to help YOU run a better business? Yeah, me either. As I have talked to various eBay design teams over the past months I have asked questions about what this feature does or what the data from that report means and guess what!? I was poking around eBay’s You Tube Channel and found this 4 minute video that walks you through some of that data and reports available to YOU on YOUR account. I watched a section, paused the video, went to my page and clicked through and started playing with my data. Its pretty cool. You don’t have to be a numbers person to get it, but take a few minutes and watch the video, then start playing. I certainly don’t understand it all, but I do understand parts of it better than I did five minutes ago and if you want to run a business, you need to understand what this data is telling you.

Selling My Life…

Selling My Life – It Doesn’t Seem To Be Happening

I’m just about a year into this project and I’m about 10 months behind my imaginary schedule! I seem to always under estimate the time it takes to accomplish tasks. In the past year I have prepared my house for sale, lived in a house that was on the market for six months (if you’ve done this you know that you can’t really get anything done because you’re basically living in a museum and anything you do messes it up), packed up six bedrooms, three baths, an over sized garage and a storage unit full of inventory, moved to an unfinished home on 12.25 neglected acres, attended conferences and family gatherings, had visitors, traveled up and down I-17 more times than I care to count and managed all the daily tasks involved with selling online.  There’s one BIG thing missing from that long lists of accomplishments….getting stuff listed.

Megan enjoying a visit to the cute town of Williams, AZ along Route 66

Megan enjoying a visit to the cute town of Williams, AZ along Route 66

My 20 year old niece Megan is visiting from Idaho for about 8 weeks. I’m going to show her the ropes and teach her how to sell online. She’s been here for two weeks now and we’ve done A LOT of shopping and shipping. She’s been a great help and we are all geared up to get things moving on a regular schedule next week. We’ve got family visiting this weekend and we’re going to play. We drove about 10 miles to the town of Williams and strolled along the streets like the tourists that we are. I think we may even make a trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow!  But next week we are all business! We’ve got pictures to take, Christmas stuff to sort and listings to get done!



Megan and her cowboy

Megan and her cowboy

The Laundry Room Decor

The Laundry Room Decor

I was determined to get all the decor from the laundry room listed and felt such a sense of accomplishment when it was done. The original idea of this blog was to post my listings every 4-5 days and give an update on the things that sold….well, when you’re not listings your personal belongings, you can’t blog about it. I’m determined to get my Christmas stuff listed in the next two weeks and am going to plot out a daily schedule to make it happen. I’m hopeful with Megan’s help (she really is a FABULOUS helper!) we can get stuff photographed and listed and I’ll have some great items to post and perhaps even some sales. In the meantime, here’s some of the Laundry decor that has sold already. I’m surprised at how much some of it sold for….but HAPPY I didn’t just dump everything at my local thrift store.

Here are some of the items I sold from my laundry room.


Vtg Antique Large 11″ Primitive Wooden Canning Press Masher
Sold for $19.99












Galvanized Small 8″ Wash Tub Laundry Room Decor Kitchen Outdoor Garden
Sold for $14.99

Laundry Tub Washboard Clothes Line Pins Bubbles Wood Sign Room Decor Sold for $34.99

Laundry Tub Washboard Clothes Line Pins Bubbles Wood Sign Room Decor
Sold for $34.99

Laundry Service 25¢ Washboard Laundry Room Decor <br>Sold for $24.99

Laundry Service 25¢ Washboard Laundry Room Decor Red Rustic

Sold for $24.99

Miniature Ohio Star 6" Quilt Amish Heritage Collection Designed Anna M Dezendorf Sold for $14.99

Miniature Ohio Star 6″ Quilt Amish Heritage Collection Designed Anna M Dezendorf
Sold for $14.99



Life in Sherwood Forest – Update

I haven’t really taken the time to write much about life in the mountains of Northern Arizona. I moved here about six months ago to live in an investment property my mom and I own in hopes of selling it. The property sat unfinished, empty and for sale for several years. We decided about 18 months ago to put the money into it and make it habitable in the hope that would help it sell.

I’ve been living here since April and haven’t really unpacked much. Since I’m planning on selling of nearly all my personal belongings, there really isn’t a need to unpack and find a home for everything.  I got the essentials set up fairly quickly…the kitchen, one bathroom, a desk for the computer & printers, a shipping station, etc. There wasn’t really a need to unpack everything and create a big mess to have to work around and I was very hopeful that with some luck the place would sell quickly.

There is a huge “For Sale” sign on the side of the house with my number on it. We get about five or so calls on it each week. We’ve had it listed with several realtors over the years, it’s listed on Zillow and Craigslist and the sign on the side of the house seems to generate most of the interest…lots of interest, but no serious buyers.  The house has been for sale with that sign for so long that all the regulars know exactly what I’m talking about when I say “it’s the white house with the reddish roof and the for sale sign on the side”. It’s quite the conversation starter!

In June we were contacted by a family responding to our Craigslist post. They were interested in the property but were very up front about what they were facing. We’ve got the property listed for $449,999 (about $200k under value) but the type of loan they were getting maxed out at $417k. They had some financial troubles and wouldn’t be able to make an official offer until late August and wanted to know if we would work with them if they liked the house and wanted to move forward. We agreed we would. They are a family with six kids; some of them adopted. The father works in the medical field and they moved to the area about a year ago. The parents and two of the older kids came and looked at the house and property and fell in love with it. We communicated with them weekly and we quickly became impressed with the tenacity this family had. They worked through every obstacle that was placed before them. jumped through every hoop and satisfied every request made of them by their lender. This was long and tedious process for them, but they hung in there!

The family was getting close to having all their documents lined up so they brought everyone out to see the property. They have three younger children ages 5-9 or so, two of them boys. They seemed to be excited about the possibility of this becoming their home. They staked out their bedrooms, explored the property and were excited about being able to have lots of animals with plenty of room for them to roam around. We began to be excited for these two boys and visioned them exploring every inch of the 12 acres….we really wanted this family to make this their home.

A few weeks later we got the pre-approval letter and knew they had the financing all lined up…not an easy task for them, but they managed. We were cheering them on, waiting for them at the finish line. We had a close date nailed down and just needed them to make an official offer and open escrow.

A few days later we got an email letting us know they were having a hard time finding affordable homeowners insurance…no problem! I went through the same thing and knew how to help…I had them call my agent. Unfortunately, my agent wasn’t able to offer them the same plan I had because of their financial situation and an INQUIRY (not a claim, just an inquiry for one) they had made earlier this year. Homeowners insurance was going to cost them about $2800/year and that was more than they could afford.

We were heart broken. We had grown fond of the idea that a family with six kids would be able to grow up on the property and not some investor that would turn it into a money making rental for the local tourist economy. We decided to make one more offer to the family….we offered to pay $5k towards the first two years of their homeowners insurance. They had worked so hard and were so close to the finish line that we couldn’t imagine them giving up now, we wanted to offer them a life line and hoped they would accept it.

Sadly, for whatever reason, they decided not to and walked away. It’s been a little more than a week and we’re still sad we couldn’t help to make it work out. We respect them and their decision and hope that another family with just as much love and tenacity will come along and fall in love with the house and property like this family did.

In the meantime, this Southern California girl is preparing for a real winter and what will probably be a shock to her system.