Life in Sherwood Forest

Sherwood ForestI was downloading pictures from my cell phone to my desktop and realized how many different pictures I’ve taken of the new place but I haven’t taken the time to write about this phase of my journey.

I left my big beautiful home in a master planned community that was selected as the Best Master Planned Community in the state of Arizona four of the 13 years I lived there and ranked in the top five communities since 2003 and moved to a 3600 square foot, not yet completed home on 12.25 neglected acres in a rural part of the county. What was I thinking and why did I move!?

01Well, this home is an investment property my mom and I own. We have been trying to sell it unfinished for several years with no luck. About 18 months ago we decided it would be best to fork up some cash and get the inside habitable…meaning completed enough to get a certificate of occupancy, but not finish it completely. We got a great contractor that did the work on a shoe string budget (and with a generous friends and family discount) and managed to get walls painted, the well house built and well water connected to the house, the kitchen done, one of the three bathrooms 02completed, doors on the bath and bedrooms, flooring, electricity turned on, propane tank hooked up, etc. We just have a few minor things to complete before we have the inspector out for our final inspection. I’m living here full time and enjoying the wonderful 80′ porch, cooler temps, crazy weather and nice summer breezes. My mom comes up from the valley and will spend 2-3 weeks here, heads home for 2-3 weeks and then comes back up. Its a nice and easy three hour drive from point A to point B.

Here are a few of the ‘before’ pics. The wood burning stove and radiant floor heaters are the 07only heating source for the house. My mom was skeptical these two things would be enough, but having lived here during some cold Spring nights, I can say that the two do supply enough heat to warm the house.  It just took a bit of trial and error to figure out how to keep the stove going and we were in business!





This is the loft that over looks the living room. We put up a pony wall and it makes for a nice space away from all the activities downstairs. I’m using it now to store some eBay inventory and am trying to get it organized…it’s a S-L-O-W process.






This is a shot just inside he double french doors, that wall will later become the kitchen bar. On the other side is the stove and a whole lotta counter space. It’s a nice spacious kitchen that I think needs an island, but we haven’t put one in yet.



It’s been quite the Dr. Doolittle adventure as well. When I first moved up here I came home after being gone for a weekend, went to light a fire in the stove and a bird flew out! I managed to catch him and show him the door, but when I went back to the task of lighting a fire, I discovered TWO MORE in the stove! I caught one and let him free but the other got out, flew to the highest window in in the house and was doing his best to avoid capture. My mad bird catching skills kicked in and I managed to get the little guy out the door and back with his buddies.  That happened several more times….we really need to get that screen on the vent.

Bird 1 Birds 2-3









More on the adventures of living in Sherwood Forest. To be continued……