Are Your Photos Loading Sideways

SidewaysDoes anyone else have the problem of your photos loading sideways when listing? I’ve been having this problem on and off for a few months now and I think I’ve finally figured it out. After a lot of googling and reading computer stuff that’s waaay too technical for me, I’ve learned that it has to do with embedded orientation tags. I’ve played with various cameras, iPads, iPhones, etc. and was still having to rotate pics when I uploaded them to my eBay listings….slow and tedious and very frustrating! Turns out that all photos are encoded vertically….even if you take them horizontally. Who knew!?

The¬†photo software on your computer may flag your picture so it displays it as a rotated image, but eBay doesn’t read that flag, so eBay displays the photos the way the data was originally encoded. Frustrating and time consuming to edit during listing. You can edit the photos using eBay’s rotation tool, or you can do what I did last night, find a true image editor to rewrite all the image data before you upload to eBay.

One post suggested downloading the free software Irfanview, so that’s what I did. There are a lot of settings you can select or deselect when saving an image; I just made sure “Reset EXIF Orientation tag” was selected and I saved all my existing pics with this setting and uploaded with no problem. Then I wanted to figure out the correct orientation on my phone so I could take pics without going through the editing process (since I THOUGHT when I took the last batch of pics that holding my phone the way I was holding it would get me photos with the correct orientation, but didn’t).

iPhone Pic OrientationSooo, while sitting in church last week¬†waiting for the service to start, I held my iPhone 6 in the horizontal position with the round home button on the right and the volume buttons on the bottom and took the first pic (which is the correct orientation), then I rotated the phone vertically with the home button on the bottom and took pic #2, rotated with home button on the left for pic #3 and rotated with home button on the top for pic #4. When I got home I uploaded the pics on my computer and then to a mock listing and Pic #1, in horizontal position with home button on the right wins! I’ll be taking the next batch of pics holding my camera this way and will be all set!

This has been beyond frustrating for me to figure out and I was so happy when I did last night. I hope by sharing what I learned you’ll avoid some frustration and be able to get your listings done faster!