Time Out For a Quick Amazon Post

While this is a place where I talk about my eBay business, I also dabble in selling on Amazon. I’ve learned from the Master himself, Chris Green. Last night Chris launched a new venture, BOLO Power, a paid membership group that distributes a list of BOLOs each week. I belonged to one of Chris’ groups that was $300/month when I first started up on Amazon. That was a steep price to pay, especially for a newbie, but I joined with faith that I would learn the business….and I did. I earned back that $300 10-15 times each month. I used the list to shop but I used it to learn too. I learned about margins, about the weird stuff that is quite profitable, about which stores always had great deals, and much more. Being a member of that group helped me get to my first $5k month on Amazon! That group closed and now Chris is offering a new group with a manageable monthly fee of $40. I love helping newbie sellers and since this type of group helped me when I was new I want to encourage other sellers to give it a try.
If you join using my affiliate link below, I’ll reimburse you $20 for the first two months! That’s right, you get to try it out for HALF PRICE and see if it helps you like it helped me. Simply click on the link below and it will take you to the webinar Chris did last night…it’s about 25 minutes before the Q&A and will explain in detail how the program works. If you decide to join after that, sign up, message me with your PayPal email and I’ll reimburse you $20 today and $20 next month. It’s just that easy! Go ahead…give it a try!