Running Sales and Moving Inventory

SuperSaleI’ve never found that running an eBay sale really helps to move inventory, but I decided, what the heck, let’s give it a try! I meticulously went through each store category and created a sale for nearly every one. Everything was 25%-50% off. I’m really trying to move my clothes so nearly 1,000 items in my store were 50% off! While I can say that the process for putting specific categories on sale is very s-l-o-w and tedious,(and something I added to my eBay list of ‘improvements needed’) once you have those sales created, it’s pretty easy to edit them and ‘reuse’ a previous sale. You may run into an error when your sale goes live if you’ve previously sold an item in that category, but just click through and carry on, the sale will apply to all remaining items in that category.

Initially I ran the sale with just about everything in my store on sale..I did that 2-3 times but got discouraged when sales didn’t pan out. A few days ago I decided instead of running one Super Sale each weekend, I would take the 35 sales I’ve already created and list five of them each day. So every day for the next week I will start five new sales. Each one will run for three days and end at midnight that last day. I don’t think this approach will actually generate more sales, but it was a fun way to get them going again without spending two hours generating sales for 35 categories. Seriously, eBay REALLY needs to work on a way to make this process better!

!25Off SaleI want to put all my Red Kitchen stuff on a 25% off sale, but there are 3-4 items where that would be too much. Instead of being able to simply omit a few items from the category, you have to go through the tedious process of clicking on EVERY.OTHER.ITEM. in that category. Since I’m too lazy and don’t want to do that, I figured out a work-around. While work-arounds are great for a quick fix, I never like using them long term. If there is something I want to do badly enough that I use a work-around every time I do it, there should be a ‘normal’ way to accomplish this…right?

My work around for omitting a few items from a category sale is to simply edit the listing, re-type in the same price and save it. Because you changed the listing it is no longer part of that sale. GENIUS! 🙂  I did this but missed a few and didn’t catch one before the item sold…Uh oh! To prevent this from happening again I decided to change the category for the items that I didn’t want to put on sale and lumping them all in my “OTHER” category and I would simply never put that category on sale.

I’ve been doing this for five days now and I have to say I like it! I sat down and created my weekly my sales in one sitting. I simply chose five categories, set them to start on Thursday at 12:01am and set them to end at midnight three days later.

At the time of this post, my first sale is nearly over and I’ve created three more. I’ve sold 18 items and grossed nearly $400. Not great, but not shabby either! That’s 18 more items moved out of my inventory…and I’ll take that!