Got-motivationIt’s been tough to find the motivation to get going when there are soo many other things that need to be done….like a bazillion boxes to be sorted and organized. I’m not unpacking them and finding nooks and crannies to make a permanent home for any of the stuff I moved, I’m trying to sort and organize so when I get going I can pull a box, take pics, list everything from that box and move to the next box. But, I want to be able to list and sell similar stuff together…so I must sort and organize boxes.

All along it was the plan for me to have my office and work area upstairs in a room we specifically walled off for that purpose. So far, I have worked up there a total on ONE HOUR, and that was while I was being interviewed on a web show. Instead, I’ve taken over what is supposed to be the master bedroom. Instead of using it as such, we’ve turned it into a huge sewing and eBay work room. It has a huge walk in closet that we are using as a staging and photo area for clothes and an unfinished master bath that I’ve turned into my photo studio! I’ve set up the main area where the sinks are supposed to be with a table, back drop and lights to take photos and the huge shower is storing boxes and shipping supplies.


Getting the new photo area set up.

I was using the lighting and backdrop set up I purchased a few years ago. I’ve never really been happy with the lights and I keep playing with the bulbs and set up to try to get everything just right, but I still haven’t found the right combination. Sooo frustrating! I seriously think I take the best pics with just a simple point and shoot..WITH FLASH! I know it’s not recommended, but it really seems to be what works for me. Of course there are issues, like when trying to photo graph a deep purple, most reds, some blacks, etc.  I need to get this figured out soon.

118_0739I did manage to get a few pictures taken of some red kitchen stuff, playing with a new camera. I was DETERMINED to get some stuff listed so I could actually blog about what I was listing, how I determined price, and with some luck….a few sales!  Well, while I was taking the pics everything looked just fine, when I uploaded them, they were AWFUL. Back to the drawing board…sigh.


My ‘go to’ eBay selling Facebook group, The Thrifting Board, has listing challenges that last about two weeks. You post what your goals are and everyone cheers you on as you attempt to meet those goals. I try to commit, but I suck at challenges!  I was determined to make it happen this time..I was going to get my listings back up to 3500 (I’m currently at 3,352, down from nearly 3700 in February) but I’ve only managed to list seven things this week…heavy sigh.

It’s called life. Moving takes time. Settling in takes time. Getting a new set up going takes time. Everything else seems to be taking priority. The only part of my eBay business that takes priority today is shipping. But I’m determined to change that! I’ll give an update on the number of listings in my next post…I think I’ll make a section at the end of each post with that data. THIS will surely keep me motivated and accountable, right? Do you have listing goals that keep you motivated?

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