Facebook Groups Are Great Resources

Back in the day selling online was more of a challenge in many ways. One of the ways was learning about different items you come across. What’s it called? What’s it worth? Is there a market for it?

Today we have Facebook Groups that bring like minded people together and it’s fabulous! There are all kinds of groups and I’ve talked about my favorite one, The Thrifting Board, in this post. That group helped me when I decided to go from being a part-time hobby seller to a serious seller. It helped me with key words when I was listing an item and drew a blank. It helped me to reach out of my comfort zone and sell items that were completely unfamiliar to me but very profitable. It helped me find a positive place to go with a bunch of like minded people who also love to sell on eBay….and I got all of this for FREE!

Raiken Profit GuestThere are also paid groups. I don’t belong to many paid groups, but every now and then you join one and it’s a good fit. I found that in The Green Room. I’d been watching Steve Raiken’s You Tube Videos but mostly watched his periscopes as he traveled around the country visiting pawn shops and thrift stores and sharing his scores. He was sourcing during the day and prepping his stuff to send into Amazon at night. I even got to meet up and source Pawn Shops with him when he was in Phoenix in January. I write about that in this post.

Networking with Steve and some other Green Room Members on that trip exposed me to a bigger world of Social Media. Steve is a master at it and has a huge You Tube, Periscope, Facebook, Snap Chat, etc. following. I was a guest on one of his shows last night and I got to talk about what I love most…eBay! Click on the link and check out the interview. I answer lots of question, give my opinion and just have a great time. When you’re finished, like the video and tell me what you thought in the comments!

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