Running Sales and Moving Inventory

SuperSaleI’ve never found that running an eBay sale really helps to move inventory, but I decided, what the heck, let’s give it a try! I meticulously went through each store category and created a sale for nearly every one. Everything was 25%-50% off. I’m really trying to move my clothes so nearly 1,000 items in my store were 50% off! While I can say that the process for putting specific categories on sale is very s-l-o-w and tedious,(and something I added to my eBay list of ‘improvements needed’) once you have those sales created, it’s pretty easy to edit them and ‘reuse’ a previous sale. You may run into an error when your sale goes live if you’ve previously sold an item in that category, but just click through and carry on, the sale will apply to all remaining items in that category.

Initially I ran the sale with just about everything in my store on sale..I did that 2-3 times but got discouraged when sales didn’t pan out. A few days ago I decided instead of running one Super Sale each weekend, I would take the 35 sales I’ve already created and list five of them each day. So every day for the next week I will start five new sales. Each one will run for three days and end at midnight that last day. I don’t think this approach will actually generate more sales, but it was a fun way to get them going again without spending two hours generating sales for 35 categories. Seriously, eBay REALLY needs to work on a way to make this process better!

!25Off SaleI want to put all my Red Kitchen stuff on a 25% off sale, but there are 3-4 items where that would be too much. Instead of being able to simply omit a few items from the category, you have to go through the tedious process of clicking on EVERY.OTHER.ITEM. in that category. Since I’m too lazy and don’t want to do that, I figured out a work-around. While work-arounds are great for a quick fix, I never like using them long term. If there is something I want to do badly enough that I use a work-around every time I do it, there should be a ‘normal’ way to accomplish this…right?

My work around for omitting a few items from a category sale is to simply edit the listing, re-type in the same price and save it. Because you changed the listing it is no longer part of that sale. GENIUS! 🙂  I did this but missed a few and didn’t catch one before the item sold…Uh oh! To prevent this from happening again I decided to change the category for the items that I didn’t want to put on sale and lumping them all in my “OTHER” category and I would simply never put that category on sale.

I’ve been doing this for five days now and I have to say I like it! I sat down and created my weekly my sales in one sitting. I simply chose five categories, set them to start on Thursday at 12:01am and set them to end at midnight three days later.

At the time of this post, my first sale is nearly over and I’ve created three more. I’ve sold 18 items and grossed nearly $400. Not great, but not shabby either! That’s 18 more items moved out of my inventory…and I’ll take that!


Getting Back At It

Get OrganizedIt’s been about a month since the big move and I’m still not up and running at full speed. I’ve got a post about the move started, but haven’t gotten back to finish it and get it published.  I put my store on vacation mode for two weeks and decided to open back up on a Friday while in the valley staying at my mom’s. I figured anything I sold from Friday thru Monday I could pull and ship when I got home on Monday. That turned out to be a good moved because I had great sales that weekend!  I did manage to get home and get everything processed on Monday and to the post office before it closed at 3:30pm!

Inventory Before

The eBay inventory room ‘before’

My biggest challenge since the move has been getting my inventory sorted, organized and back on shelves….not an easy task! I have about 3500 active listings, many of them have multiple quantities, making the number of inventory items to move in the 15,000 range…THAT’S A LOT OF STUFF TO MOVE! While I was extremely grateful for all the help I got moving my inventory, this is what I ended up with. Not only did I have a 10’X20′ storage unit with inventory but I also had stuff stored in spare bedroom closets, cabinets in my garage, a little in the office, a few things in the guest bedroom, etc. While I’ve now got a fabulous space that’s about 15’X40′, it’s taking forever for me to get motivated to get everything organized!  When I sell something I hold my breathe to see if it’s something that I can easily find and ship. So far I’ve found everything I’ve sold…a few things have taken a day or two, but I’ve managed to locate everything…whew!

Inventory During

The eBay inventory room midway through the reorganization.

We’ve had some crazy spring weather here in the mountains with lots of snow and rain and it’s kept me from wanting to spend too much time in the Quonset Hut getting things done, but I’m slowly making progress!  I’m still not there, mostly because I D-R-E-A-D putting together the shelves by myself. It is a task that is easily done in 20 minutes with two people but about 50-60 minutes when done alone. I have the best intentions of spending the day getting organized, but my motivation seems to fade too quickly. BUT, I have made a huge dent and here’s what it looks like now.

The purpose of this blog and the reason behind starting it was to document the value of the stuff we all have laying around the house. While I’m trying to get my personal belongings sorted and organized enough to actually start photographing them and getting them listed I have managed to get a few things listed that have actually sold! A few of the shockers are a 10 year old work skirt that could’ve easily been donated to a thrift store…instead I sold it for $30! I ran a 30% off sale on all my clothes last week and sold a work suit that I haven’t worn to work in at least 10 years for $35. Just last weekend I sold a Mickey Mouse glass pitcher and matching glass that was left over from the set of 11 I sold years ago and pocketed another $25.

IMG_0991I’ve decided to dig in and get some of my red kitchen items listed this week and then work on some of the decor items from my Mickey Mouse Bathroom. There’s a lot of money in all those cute decorations!  See those white Mickey Mouse Hands that are at both ends of that towel rack below?  Those are selling for $175 now! I really, really loved them and think I paid $50 for them when I did the bathroom 13 years ago…now that they are no longer available the price has really jumped! What’s fun about MMbath1starting with the Mickey Mouse stuff is that I bought 98% of these items on eBay to begin with…now they are going back for another Mickey fan to enjoy and I get some serious cash in my pockets!


There is sooo much stuff to list that I could easily get overwhelmed with the task…but it’s SOO FUN!

Once I get the Mickey Mouse Bathroom stuff listed. I’m going to tackle my Christmas Decorations…I.Have.A.Ton!  They are fabulous and in great condition and when I look at those boxes in the den I just see $$$$.

What do you have laying around your house that you could sell and make some cash? Before you quickly toss it in the donate pile, take a look and see if they are worth anything on eBay!

Time Out For a Quick Amazon Post

While this is a place where I talk about my eBay business, I also dabble in selling on Amazon. I’ve learned from the Master himself, Chris Green. Last night Chris launched a new venture, BOLO Power, a paid membership group that distributes a list of BOLOs each week. I belonged to one of Chris’ groups that was $300/month when I first started up on Amazon. That was a steep price to pay, especially for a newbie, but I joined with faith that I would learn the business….and I did. I earned back that $300 10-15 times each month. I used the list to shop but I used it to learn too. I learned about margins, about the weird stuff that is quite profitable, about which stores always had great deals, and much more. Being a member of that group helped me get to my first $5k month on Amazon! That group closed and now Chris is offering a new group with a manageable monthly fee of $40. I love helping newbie sellers and since this type of group helped me when I was new I want to encourage other sellers to give it a try.
If you join using my affiliate link below, I’ll reimburse you $20 for the first two months! That’s right, you get to try it out for HALF PRICE and see if it helps you like it helped me. Simply click on the link below and it will take you to the webinar Chris did last night…it’s about 25 minutes before the Q&A and will explain in detail how the program works. If you decide to join after that, sign up, message me with your PayPal email and I’ll reimburse you $20 today and $20 next month. It’s just that easy! Go ahead…give it a try!


Got-motivationIt’s been tough to find the motivation to get going when there are soo many other things that need to be done….like a bazillion boxes to be sorted and organized. I’m not unpacking them and finding nooks and crannies to make a permanent home for any of the stuff I moved, I’m trying to sort and organize so when I get going I can pull a box, take pics, list everything from that box and move to the next box. But, I want to be able to list and sell similar stuff together…so I must sort and organize boxes.

All along it was the plan for me to have my office and work area upstairs in a room we specifically walled off for that purpose. So far, I have worked up there a total on ONE HOUR, and that was while I was being interviewed on a web show. Instead, I’ve taken over what is supposed to be the master bedroom. Instead of using it as such, we’ve turned it into a huge sewing and eBay work room. It has a huge walk in closet that we are using as a staging and photo area for clothes and an unfinished master bath that I’ve turned into my photo studio! I’ve set up the main area where the sinks are supposed to be with a table, back drop and lights to take photos and the huge shower is storing boxes and shipping supplies.


Getting the new photo area set up.

I was using the lighting and backdrop set up I purchased a few years ago. I’ve never really been happy with the lights and I keep playing with the bulbs and set up to try to get everything just right, but I still haven’t found the right combination. Sooo frustrating! I seriously think I take the best pics with just a simple point and shoot..WITH FLASH! I know it’s not recommended, but it really seems to be what works for me. Of course there are issues, like when trying to photo graph a deep purple, most reds, some blacks, etc.  I need to get this figured out soon.

118_0739I did manage to get a few pictures taken of some red kitchen stuff, playing with a new camera. I was DETERMINED to get some stuff listed so I could actually blog about what I was listing, how I determined price, and with some luck….a few sales!  Well, while I was taking the pics everything looked just fine, when I uploaded them, they were AWFUL. Back to the drawing board…sigh.


My ‘go to’ eBay selling Facebook group, The Thrifting Board, has listing challenges that last about two weeks. You post what your goals are and everyone cheers you on as you attempt to meet those goals. I try to commit, but I suck at challenges!  I was determined to make it happen this time..I was going to get my listings back up to 3500 (I’m currently at 3,352, down from nearly 3700 in February) but I’ve only managed to list seven things this week…heavy sigh.

It’s called life. Moving takes time. Settling in takes time. Getting a new set up going takes time. Everything else seems to be taking priority. The only part of my eBay business that takes priority today is shipping. But I’m determined to change that! I’ll give an update on the number of listings in my next post…I think I’ll make a section at the end of each post with that data. THIS will surely keep me motivated and accountable, right? Do you have listing goals that keep you motivated?

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Facebook Groups Are Great Resources

Back in the day selling online was more of a challenge in many ways. One of the ways was learning about different items you come across. What’s it called? What’s it worth? Is there a market for it?

Today we have Facebook Groups that bring like minded people together and it’s fabulous! There are all kinds of groups and I’ve talked about my favorite one, The Thrifting Board, in this post. That group helped me when I decided to go from being a part-time hobby seller to a serious seller. It helped me with key words when I was listing an item and drew a blank. It helped me to reach out of my comfort zone and sell items that were completely unfamiliar to me but very profitable. It helped me find a positive place to go with a bunch of like minded people who also love to sell on eBay….and I got all of this for FREE!

Raiken Profit GuestThere are also paid groups. I don’t belong to many paid groups, but every now and then you join one and it’s a good fit. I found that in The Green Room. I’d been watching Steve Raiken’s You Tube Videos but mostly watched his periscopes as he traveled around the country visiting pawn shops and thrift stores and sharing his scores. He was sourcing during the day and prepping his stuff to send into Amazon at night. I even got to meet up and source Pawn Shops with him when he was in Phoenix in January. I write about that in this post.

Networking with Steve and some other Green Room Members on that trip exposed me to a bigger world of Social Media. Steve is a master at it and has a huge You Tube, Periscope, Facebook, Snap Chat, etc. following. I was a guest on one of his shows last night and I got to talk about what I love most…eBay! Click on the link and check out the interview. I answer lots of question, give my opinion and just have a great time. When you’re finished, like the video and tell me what you thought in the comments!

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