Long Overdue Post – The House Sold

IMG_2900I have neglected this blog here, but it has been on my mind for weeks! I think about a topic to write about and then I lose interest in actually writing about it. It has been hard living in and working from my home while it is for sale. I’ve felt like I’ve been living in limbo for four months.

So much for the much anticipated 2-3 day sale….I’m actually glad it took four months as it has given me plenty of time to sell off some of my larger items so I won’t have to move them. Thinking about moving a large household and a 10’X20′ storage unit full of inventory is more than overwhelming.  I’m just plugging along, doing a little each day, and hoping to have it all done well ahead of the April 15th closing date.

As anyone who has taken almost four months to sell a house knows, the living in limbo part has to be the most difficult. Waiting for that call to schedule an appointment for a showing was so paralyzing. I had a tough time figuring out what to do with my day. Pulling out inventory to list or take pictures just turned my work space into a big mess. The idea of cooking anything and messing up the kitchen was out. It was not fun.

But now that I’ve got a close date, the inspections and drop ins are over, moving truck and date is lined up, I’m ready to get on with my next adventure! Now comes the ‘fun’ part of packing, donating and throwing away a whole bunch of “STUFF”.