The Reality of Slow Sales

Slow SalesI’ve noticed several Facebook group posts about how slow sales are; people wanting help and advice on what to do to get things moving, etc. People¬†shared some great advice and I love it when action is taken on that advice and people report back with their stories. Most are positive, but I saw one where someone tried everything and still no sales. I had a few ‘good’ days last week and a few ‘ok’ days and was disappointed when I woke up this morning with no overnight sales. I decided to take a look back at my sales for the past week and see how things shook out. I sold 34 items over the past 7 days; an average of about 5/day. Not bad but not great either. Three of the past 7 days I only sold 2 items…but I don’t remember thinking ‘sales sucked today’. Two of those days I had ‘awesome’ sales and I was stoked to see the pile when I shipped. What really hit me was that 34 sales in one week is LESS THAN 1% of the number of items I have listed (currently hovering right around 3600). So when you are stuck in a rut and think sales are slow, step back and take a look at your sales from the last week or two and see how the number of items sold compare to the number of items listed and perhaps you’ll have a different perspective. Of course continuing to list and following eBay’s best practices and you increase your chances of sales that could be the best of the year!

Instead of worrying about how sales have slowed down, take the opportunity to do a few things to better your listings and be on track for when they pick back up.  Here are just a few suggestions:

  • List! List! List!
  • Catch up on your bookkeeping
  • Revamp your oldest listings
    • Make sure titles and descriptions are the best they can be
    • Revisit your keywords
    • Make sure you’ve got clear pictures and lots of them
    • Review your prices
    • Make sure you are offering returns
    • Make sure all your listings offer free shipping
    • Update your handling time to 1 day
    • Consider donating items that have been in your store over 18 months
  • Take Pictures of unlisted inventory
  • List! List! List!
  • Revamp your inventory system
  • Do a physical inventory of listed items
  • Order supplies
  • List! List! List!