Wish Bigger

Wish BiggerI love eBay’s Wish Bigger holiday campaign. I love the way it looks and feels and the various angles it takes on the whole eBay experience. I love the red stick figure type snowflakes sprinkled through out and just the overall look and feel of it.

One of the areas eBay focused on for sellers was Holiday Selling Tips. They reached out to many sellers and asked for their tips on getting ready for and selling through the holiday season. The next thing I knew I was seeing these great tips highlighted in festive and campaign coordinated graphics.  It was fun to see my various contributions pop up here and there. They show up as T’sa C because at the time I was using my nickname on my Facebook account, but it’s me!

SellBigger1There are some great tips in this campaign! The first tip of mine I saw was to “Schedule daily USPS pick-ups now through then end of December.”

I have my USPS pick ups regularly scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week (adjusting for a Monday holiday) through the end of April. At this time of year I will often add additional pickups for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if needed. I’ll even make a late afternoon trip to the post office if I need to get my packages shipped one day earlier and a get quick delivery to the customer.

I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where I feel safe and secure leaving my packages out on the porch, so I do, but I know it is a risk, especially this time of year. I don’t think I could do this business if I had to make a trip to the post office each day. Well, I suppose I could do it, it would just mean cutting something else out. So when the days already seem too short, I’m appreciative of this service and my mail carrier. Her name is Amy and she is awesome!

Fun holiday gift for my mail carrier.

Fun holiday gift for my mail carrier.

She is my most valuable employee that isn’t even on my payroll! I treat Amy well and leave her gift cards to lunch places nearby at random time throughout the year. During the hot Arizona summers I freeze bottles of water and leave them for her when I go to work. They can get pretty melted by the time she gets to my house, but they are always ice cold and refreshing….and appreciated!  The only effort that is for me is to remember to put them in the mail bin. And what do I get in return for this very small act…anything Amy can do for me she does! She signs for my packages, she comes back for packages if I’m not done shipping for the day, she leaves me the nice, new, pretty mail bins….she just takes care of me!

What holiday selling tips do you have? Here’s some other suggestions from eBay’s campaign.


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