Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby Its cold outsideI’m not a thrifter. I don’t have the ‘thrill of the hunt’ instinct, I don’t experience thrifting withdrawals if I haven’t thrifted in a few days or even weeks, I simply don’t posses the thrifting traits that so many die hard, seasoned thrifters do.  But I love a good source for great inventory with very low cost, so I thrift when the whim hits me.

I don’t search the whole store over like most people. I browse the men’s section for t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts and jeans, I look for a few things here and there, books, VHS, etc. I never hit the woman’s section except for the jackets and coats. I love to thrift both men’s and women’s jackets and coats. Living in Arizona I can usually find some good ones during the summer months when those that moved from much colder climates are fooled into thinking it never gets cold in these parts.

I particularly like this flip because of the markup value. You can buy most average jackets or coats for anywhere from $7 to $25 and I rarely sell one for less than $50 and often in the $100+ range.  I’ve got one listed now at $249.99….it’s a pretty cool explorer looking, very warm, coat.

RI Thrifting TripWhile thrifting with a group on a conference trip to Rhode Island last March, I came across several coats and purchased as many as I thought I could get home in a 50 pound suitcase or dufflle bag. I had my pile of jackets in my cart and I was going through them, checking them over as I waited for the others to finish up and get checked out. One woman from our group had a gorgeous full length, brown hooded DKNY down coat in her arms that she was contemplating because of the $24.99 price tag. I tried to convince her that she could get 4-5 times that when she sold it, but she decided against it and offered it up to me. I was happy to take it off her hands.

DKNY CoatI got it listed on July 26th and it sold on November 11th for $174.99 plus $24.99 to ship to Canada….a nice little profit!

I try to get them listed as soon as I get home as I have found that they sell all year round. There is less competition in the off season months when many sellers think it’s not the right season to sell them. Here’s a tip, seasonal stuff sells all year round on eBay. Here’s another tip, make sure you are shipping internationally; remember when it’s summer here it’s winter in Australia.

Here are a few more coats and jackets sold this quarter.

LLB Suade Jacket 11-30-2015

L.L. Bean Women’s Brown Suede Leather Jacket Listed 11/14/15, Sold 11/30/15 $44.99

Mens Mackintosh Trench Coat 10-9-2015

Men’s Mackintosh Weatherfair Trench Coat Listed 11/29/14, Sold 10/9/15 $135.99


Moda Pink Coat 9-30-2015

Moda International Woman’s Pink Herringbone Wool Blend 3/4 Length Listed 11/26/15, Sold 9/30/15 $64.99

Olive Green Overcoat 10-18-2015

Mens Long Wool Olive Green Coat Made in Italy Size 52 Trench Listed 9/2/14, Sold 10/18/15 $140.99


Capella Jacket

Men’s Cabela’s Outdoor Gear Coat Gore-Tex Hood Listed 11/14/15, Sold 11/20/15 $114.99

Columbia Jkt Purple 12-14-15

Womens Columbia Sportswear Coat Jacket Purple Teal Listed 11/29/14, Sold 12/14/15, $74.99

Free Country Jacket 11-14-2015

Mens Free Country Jacket Mountain Extreme Size XXL Gray Coat Hood Listed 11/29/14, Sold 11/14/15, $54.99 plus $19.99 shipping to Canada


A Collezioni Men's Brown Suede Leather Coat Size XL Made in Italy NWT Listed 7/26/15, Sold 12/4/15 $139.99

A Collezioni Men’s Brown Suede Leather Coat Size XL Made in Italy NWT Listed 7/26/15, Sold 12/4/15 $139.99