Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Black Friday through Cyber Monday, it’s been crazy busy!  For any online sellers this week is the busiest and craziest. I kept to my goal of not sourcing new stuff and didn’t participate in any Black Friday sales but it was fun to watch others who were out in full force! I’d say it was a successful sourcing Friday for many.

Even without heading out the door to brave the madness, I managed to have a GREAT weekend of eBay and Amazon sales. I got the first batch of orders shipped and out for the mail carrier just in time. The second batch got dropped off at the post office later that day. I rarely make a trip to the post office, but this time of year I like to get my packages out and to my customers quickly, so I dropped off the second batch of packages before the post office closed.

Black Friday Sales Part 1

Black Friday Sales Part 2


Black Friday Sales Part 1












I did do a little online shopping on Cyber Monday as I just couldn’t stay away from the American Girl sale. For the past 4-5 years I’ve stayed up late Sunday night and waited for 11pm when the sale goes live for my timezone. American Girl does this kind of sale once a year and it is usually full of frustration as the site can’t handle the traffic.

American Girl Inventory

American Girl Inventory

You can have items in your cart while shopping for more and when you go to check out, many of the items would show up as sold out. This year the site is much improved…yeah AG! It was able to handle whatever traffic was generated that night, but sadly the sales weren’t much of a sale this year. Last year I spent nearly $3,000 on Cyber Monday and this year it was all I could do to spend $80. I wasn’t excited about much and I can feel myself pulling away from American Girl. My nieces that introduced me to AG 8-10 years ago have out grown their interest in AG and as an extension, so have I.  I’m working now on selling off my AG inventory. Anyone interested in some overpriced doll clothes or accessories? Many of them are retired and HTF. 🙂





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