Things Are Selling

In anticipation of my house selling (although today I don’t think that will ever happen! Its been listed three weeks and we’ve only had 6 people come through…sigh) I have been diligently taking pictures of furniture and Christmas items and listing them on Craigslist and Facebook groups. This is not for the faint of heart! I find this to be more tedious and time consuming than listing on eBay and Amazon combined!

07The problem is people don’t read!  This is not news to me because as an eBay seller I know this. We have somehow become a dumbed down society that relies on pictures to convey all the information needed to make a purchasing decision. No longer is it acceptable to simply put the measurements of a dresser in the description of the post, you have to take a picture of a tape measure over the edge of the item as well….and people will still message asking how tall, wide, deep, something is.

Billy Bookcase Ensemble - Sold $375

Billy Bookcase Ensemble – Sold $375

I listed the bookcase ensemble at the top of my stairs on Craigslist and one Facebook group for my neighborhood. I got several messages with questions that were already answered in the listing…but I was polite and answered them again. To my surprise the first person that said they wanted them and would show up at 3:30 actually did! I was so happy to see them because I emptied out everything that morning and didn’t like the idea of staring at an empty wall of bookcases. They had to rent a truck and were a bit late, but they communicated with me and let me know that was the hold up. Communication makes a difference!

7' Slim Glacier Pine Green Christmas Tree - $100

7′ Slim Glacier Pine Green Christmas Tree – $100

Then there are the no shows. I had one last week that really had me shaking me head! I listed a very nice 7′ slim, artificial Christmas tree for $100. In the description of every one of my posts I list my cross streets and this blurb

“No holds. First person to show up with cash in hand gets to take this home! If you are reading this, it’s still available. I will delete once it’s sold.”

People feel the need to jump on a listing quickly so they can have first dibs. I’m okay with that but not if they just leave me hanging, I need communication. I had one on Saturday message me at 11:10am saying she was going to be here in 30 minutes. At 11:30 she messaged that she was leaving in 30 minutes. The message at 12:10 was that she was on the way and at 1:01pm wouldn’t you know she messaged to tell me she would have to pass!  I’m a pretty even tempered person, but this just got under my skin. Posting in Facebook groups is my least favorite place to sell, but I do it because most people are considerate and do show up when they say they will, but all it takes is one flake on a Saturday morning to ruin all that.

I got over it, moved on to the next person who stopped by to look at it like she said she would and decided it wasn’t right for her spot.

The bookcase wall minus the bookcases and some paint.

The bookcase wall minus the bookcases and some paint.

Side note: I failed to remember that I painted after the bookcases went in….so this is what my wall looked like. I thought it was going to be a major project, but I dug up the old paint from the garage, got everything set up, painted and cleaned up in less than an hour. I even did the wall behind the TV cabinet in the family room.




Here are some of the items that have sold already.

Media Shelf - SOLD $50

Media Shelf – SOLD $50


Daybed and Trundle - SOLD $150

Daybed and Trundle – SOLD $150


White Dresser - SOLD $150

White Dresser – SOLD $150


Billy Bookcase Ensemble - Sold $375

Billy Bookcase Ensemble – Sold $375


Two Toddler Collapsible Tables - SOLD $60

Two Toddler Collapsible Tables – SOLD $60




  • sally Leibfried

    Theresa – love you blog. Love it so much that I went for it and bought a Gucci bag for my price of $275. When it came it was much smaller than pictured and in pretty poor condition – which I expected because it was vintage.
    However, I really am not in love with it – at all – and am disappointed. Should I try to resell it or is just the struggle of selling and buying on Ebay.

    Many hugs,

    • ebaynerd97

      Thanks Sally! If you are not happy with your bag I would contact the seller and find out about returning it. Most sellers allow for returns and if the item is not as it was described you are certainly withing your rights to return it for a full refund. If you bought it on eBay, be sure to contact the seller and let them know. If you get no results, the open a case with eBay. You are covered as a buyer. Let me know how it goes…you certainly shouldn’t have to keep or resell a $275 purse you are not happy with!

      • sally leibfried

        I don’t have the seller’s info – would EBAY still have it/ Thanks Theresa!

        • Admin

          You do have it, you just need to find it. 🙂 Go to MY EBAY (upper right corener) then click on PURCHASE HISTORY and you’ll see the transaction. Find the one you need and to the right of that transaction box there is a drop down menu. Click on MORE ACTIONS and select the one you need. Hope that helps!

  • Lornajane Thompson

    Nicely done T! That book case looks like a big one to take down, did you craigs list it? Did they come and take it down for you, or did you have to do that your self?

    • Lornajane Thompson

      OH I see it now yes you did Craigs list it! Good for you! Go T GO!

    • ebaynerd97

      Yes, I CL’d it. It really wasn’t that hard to deal with. It’s just three standard Billy Bookcases from Ikea. The two outside cases have extensions and doors and there is a smaller bookcase in the middle and then the shelf on the far right. We just removed the shelves and extensions and slid them down the stairs. Easy peasy!