Living in a Museum

Things have slowed as I am waiting  for the house to sell. I am in the process of selling off the larger furniture little by little and hope to have all the furniture from the guest bedroom I refer to as “the 30’s room” sold before the weekend is over. It’s a tedious and frustrating process responding to texts and Facebook messages, arranging times, negotiating price, etc. all to have the potential buyer be a no show.

32I have had some luck as I sold the day bed and trundle with the two mattresses and the  dresser from the 30’s room. I made a few more dollars and have some interest in the other pieces. Here’s hoping people follow through!






I find I don’t want to do anything in the kitchen for fear of making a mess. I am more diligent about making my bed when I get out of it. And for about a week I was almost paralyzed from doing any work because I needed to ‘mess up’ my office to get stuff done. I have gotten over that fear and managed to accomplish a few things this week…shipping and listing were at the top of the list.

We’re having an open house today so I have a few hours in the morning to finish my shipping and get the house back in order.



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