Christmas Under the Stairs

Christmas in the Family Room

Christmas in the Family Room

When I first moved into my home I decorated it like no other! I had parties and invited friends over and enjoyed the festive season. I would start wrapping lights around the trees in the backyard in early October and move to the front of the house Thanksgiving weekend, putting up two sets of lights on the house, adding big, lighted, Christmas themed sculptures to the front and working very hard to have the outside done before the weekend was over.

Under Stair Christmas Storage

Under Stair Christmas Storage

Then one year I decided it was too much work. I worked long hours and was getting home between 9-10pm each night, just in time to grab a bite and unwind for about an hour. I wasn’t sitting in the living room enjoying the train traveling around the room, under the tree, behind the couches and back again. I didn’t even turn on the Christmas tree lights in the family room. I wasn’t enjoying any of the work I put in turning my home into a magical place.

But I hung on to all my little (and not so little) Christmas treasures.

Gemmy Singing and Dancing Santa - SOLD $274.99

Gemmy Singing and Dancing Santa – SOLD $274.99

I kept them tucked away in cabinets and closets, in the garage rafters and under the stairs, just in case one year I got the bug and decided to take the time to decorate again. That never happened and now when I look at my Christmas treasures I just see dollar signs!  I decided to tackle the storage space under the stairs this week, pulled out the larger items and got them listed on eBay yesterday. I listed a 40″ decorator pine tree and three 50″ decorator pine trees, a set of lighted boxes I used on the living room loft, six large 22″ poinsettia plants and three small 15″ poinsettia’s that lined the stair case, one of my favorite Santa Figurines, a German Father Christmas,  a

beautiful, red robed 24″ St. Nicholas, a 34″ Woodland Father Christmas and a 5′ singing and dancing Santa that stood on the front porch and greeted guests as they arrived at my home.

34" Father Christmas

34″ Father Christmas

These Christmas decorations are special and were fun to collect. I’ve loved and enjoyed them and am happy to see them go to new homes where they will be released from the dungeon under the stairs and proudly displayed each holiday season.




  • Diana Krueger

    When I moved from AZ to FL I gave away alot of my Christmas decor but still had quite a bit. Over the last few years I have sold much of the remaining Christmas decor in my booths. This year iam thinking of listing some on Ebay. My house here is tiny so minimal is good.

  • I am doing the very same thing! I kept all my decorations for over 16 years in a box in my attic because we moved to a house where having decorations would be too hard (wood stoves, cats and big dog and no room basically). It wasn’t the same for me anyway, since my son grew up and my parents passed away. Never enjoyed it again. I loved the way my house looked back then, but now I see the money I can use for other things that I really need. I will be following your blog, it is a good topic.