For Sale – When Things Get Real!

As anyone who has sold their home knows, once that post goes up, it becomes real….I’m selling my home and I’m moving. It has been an interesting few days as more and more people find out. I told a few of my neighbors earlier in the week and a handful of friends and family before that. I texted a group of people and waited a day before I posted the news on Facebook, where you get to make life changing announcements in one easy post then sit back and wait for questions and comments. Most have been supportive after they Coming Soonunderstand what my plan is, some have asked why and wondered if something was wrong, several have encouraged and cheered me on and some have shown real concern for this “lifestyle change” I’m about to make.

What is interesting to me is when I moved into my home with its six bedrooms and three baths 12 years ago the number one question people asked was “Why did you buy such a big house?” People quizzed me on this so much that I began to have a complex about it. How do you answer that question? “Because I can?” Now that I’m doing what most would think is more reasonable and selling this ridiculously big house, people are asking “Why?” and “What’s wrong?” “Where are you moving?” There’s nothing wrong and it’s not a long story, I’m just downsizing. I’m moving about three hours north to Williams, AZ (about 20 miles west of Flagstaff) to an investment property my mom and I own. We are in the process of finishing it and I will live there until it sells….after that, who knows where I’ll go. You can do these kinds of things when you are single with no kids and retirement is on your mind. I do know I’m done with the 9-5 grind and am ready to live a simpler, semi-retired life. I’m not going to swear I’ll never go back to a 9-5 job, but it would have to be one I was really excited about. Something like working at eBay, because that’s¬†on my bucket list. The right job there would be so much fun, I don’t think I could call it work.

I’m excited to experience “winter” and look forward to spending time in front of the wood burning stove in the great room. I’m not looking forward to figuring out how well water and septic tanks work or if drying my clothes will take longer in¬†propane run dryer, but I’ll learn what I need to learn, figure things out, manage and enjoy a much slower pace while doing what I love….selling on eBay!




  • I think this is fantastic and I look forward to reading about your journey.
    We also sell on Amazon and ebay and when we get out of 4th quarter will be devoting more time to blogging about our traveling and eating adventures as we drive around sourcing product.

  • Diana Krueger

    Williams is such a pretty area. Miss the Mountains in Az. Hoping to visit the kids in Phoenix in April this year. Usually go in Feb or March before it gets hot out there. Will probably make a trip down to Tucson and maybe up to Sedona while there..