It Doesn’t Take Long

Media Shelf

Media Shelf

I was weeding out the shelves in my office last month, decluttering as I prepare to put my house up for sale. I decided to tackle what I refer to as the media shelf in my office. It contains dozens of music CDs, some VHS Videos and a handful of DVDs. Probably 90% of the items on this shelf haven’t been touched in 5+ years…many haven’t been touched since I put this in my office in 2003.

I created 15 listings from that media shelf last month. One audio CD and 14 VHS Lots. In just about a month I’ve sold two of the items for $100. Not bad for stuff sitting on a shelf doing nothing but collecting dust.

Here’s my John Denver Autobiography sale. Many would have looked at this, thought it was old and out dated and dropped it off

Take Me Home: The Autobiography of John Denver Audio Book - $74.99

Take Me Home: The Autobiography of John Denver Audio Book – $74.99

at the thrift store. Instead, I took about 10-15 minutes to research, photograph and list it and sold it about a month later. I decided to take the time and list it right then because as a John Denver Fan I knew the anniversary of his death was October 12th and wanted to get it listed before then.

It’s going to the UK so the buyer paid another $15 for shipping. eBay and PayPal fees were $12.81, actual shipping was $14.40, net profit is $62.77. Well worth the time and effort to list it!