I’m a Tshirt Girl!

I learned two things this week…One, I’m a tshirt girl and two, I’m never going to make that tshirt quilt I’ve been saving my favorite shirts all these years for. The first lesson was a surprise to me.

Proof that I am a tshirt girl!

Proof that I am a tshirt girl!

How could I live this long and never identify as a tshirt girl? I pulled a stack of shirts out of my closet and still didn’t give myself that label. But when you have close to 100 tshirts piled in the closet waiting to be memorialized in a quilt, “You Are A Tshirt Kind Of Girl”.

I sorted my treasures into groups: Baseball, Broadway musicals, Disney, fun red ones, hobbies, universities, places I’ve been and things I’ve done, etc. The biggest stack is from universities….most from universities and colleges where I’ve worked. The Disney pile is fun, but they are probably the most worn. I decided I’m going to list these and see how many of them I can sell. With the exception of the Disney and Musical shirts, maybe one or two of the others, these are not anything special in the eBay world. But I’m going to guess that I can average $15 each and see if I can make about $1300 on them. That’s a ton of money for some old memories!

John Denver Songs of the Future Songs of the Past Concert - 1988

John Denver Songs of the Future Songs of the Past Concert – 1988

I did pull out a John Denver Concert tshirt from 1988 and listed it ‘pie-in-the-sky’ high on October 12th, the anniversary of his death.

I’ll keep it priced high for a bit and then lower it to a normal, (but probably still overpriced), number and wait for a fan to come along that went to the concert and has some life changing memory because of it.

I decided to set aside my eBay tshirts. If I do get around to making a quilt this one will be much easier to manage since I only have about 20-30 shirts at this point. I’ve got several in my current rotation that I will retire and bought a new one last week that I just had to have. I love it and will wear it, but I really wanted it for the quilt that may never be.

A Sampling for the eBay Quilt

A Sampling for the eBay Quilt

Here is a sampling of my eBay tshirts. Some are printed front and back which is awesome for the quilt project. My two favorite from this selection are below. I bought the “Win a Date” off eBay specifically for the quilt and would love to know the back story of the shirt!  I like the graphics on the red one so much that I bought two…one to wear out and one to add to the quilt!  It’s also double sided which makes me love it even more.

Win a Date with Me on eBay

Win a Date with Me
on eBay


One of my favorite eBay shirts....I love the graphics!

One of my favorite eBay shirts….I love the graphics!






  • Roxana Johnson

    I’m glad to read you are saving some of the T-Shirts for that quilt. It will be worth it. I saved mine for years and finally made my “Rod Stewart” quilt and absolutely love it! Good Luck!!

    • ebaynerd97

      I know that even if I told you how much money you could have made off your Rod Stewart shirts, I know you’d still make them into a quilt. You should surround yourself with the things you love and you love you some Rod Stewart!