What’s It All About?

Wrangler Ct.

My Home

Selling My Life on eBay is my downsizing journey. The first step in this journey is a big one…selling my home with my beloved backyard oasis affectionately referred to as Club Red. As I prepare to put my home on the market I’m looking at my belongings in a different way, with lots and lots of dollar signs. During this total downsizing process I’ll be listing and selling just about all my personal belongings on eBay.

Right now I’m working on cleaning out the cabinets and closets, bookshelves and tchotchkies and organizing like things to prepare and list on eBay after the house sells. I’ll be selling the things that most would drop off at their local thrift store and hope to prove the stuff we have laying around has value, lots of value; that with some time and work selling that stuff can bring in some pretty good money. I’ll be doing this full time by the end of the year and as of now, I’m setting a goal to reach $100k in sales by December 2016. I will sell most of the items on eBay, some of the larger items on Craigslist and local Facebook groups, some things via Amazon FBA, etc. documenting my listings and updating the sales here each week.

Backyard at Club Red

The Backyard – Club Red

Join me on this journey and maybe you’ll see something you have laying around has more value than you thought and it prompts you to list it and sell it on eBay!